About TBL and our Satisfaction Guarantee

Founded in 2019, Toy Brick Lighting (TBL) is a company based in the Netherlands and created by a self-confessed AFOL (Adult Fan Of Lego), who wanted to serve the Toy Brick Community and help bring our Brick Creations to Life with the Power of Light. 

Our large range of various Brands encompasses Custom LED Lighting Products that are designed for Specific Models and also can be used for DIY Projects, as well as the highest quality MOC Kits, Compatible Bricks and Accessories for your LEGO® Creations.

But Why?

As Passionate AFOL's (Adult Fans Of Lego), we have previously been burned (not literally, luckily) by Poor Quality, Inferior, Brick Products and Accessories that were purchased online to enhance our LEGO® Creations. What is worse was when we tried to contact the sellers of these shoddy products and most never replied, leaving us with an item that did not have the correct instructions, was not truly fit for purpose and left a feeling in our gut that we had been ripped off.

These recurrent situations were a major reason why TBL was started - for both myself, and to provide other AFOL's, with the Best Aftermarket Products and MOC Expansion Kits for our beloved Brick toys. Rest assured that if you have any questions at all, prior or after your purchase, you will likely speak with me directly, or my amazingly friendly support team will be there to help when I am not available.

How Did It Start & Where Are You Now?

In 2019 I started sourcing, creating and selling Toy Lighting and MOC Kits in my home country the Netherlands on our own version of eBay (called Bol.com, under). After much success on that platform, I decided to expand and share the quality products I have located, to our worldwide family of AFOL's and to parents who are simply looking to improve their Child's Play and Learning Experiences. 

Right now I have grown to a point where I sell beyond Bol.com (although you can always buy directly from our store there too if you're in the Netherlands) and are now able to ship our products Globally, including to Australia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and all of Europe. This growth has allowed me to expand my inventory and provide the best products to all AFOL aficionados worldwide (join our Facebook Group here!) 

Currently when you order from our site, you just need to enter your delivery address and we will select the best and fastest shipping option (depending on your location).

It is as simple as that - now just wait for your products to arrive and get Creating! 

100% Happiness & Satisfaction Guarantee

Now that you know our Passion and the history of TBL, you can rest assured that your LEGO® Lighting Kit Upgrade or DIY MOC Kit ordered from www.ToyBrickLighting.com will be of the highest quality and include all necessary instructions for the specific project. 

We are 100% focused on our always improving our Customer Experience and Your Happiness.

This means that we stand by all our products, no matter what, no ifs, ands or buts, no questions asked - we assure you that should there ever be an issue with your item, we will solve it. Send you a Brand New Replacement. Refund it. Whatever it takes for us to make you happy. Just reach out to our Customer "Happiness" Support Team through any of our contact channels. We are here for you.

If you would like details on our Refund Policy, you can find it here and also at the bottom of every page on our website.

Should you have any further questions or simply want to ask about other upgrades to your Kits that we have, please contact our friendly team by Email, Facebook or Phone/Whatsapp; whatever is easiest for you.

As our motto goes, we 100% Guarantee Your Happiness and Satisfaction and I can't wait to Light up your Creations to Make You Extra Happy!