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TBL MOC kits

MOC, or My Own Creation building kits from TBL, are a great way to express your creative skills, spend your free time in a fun way AND create your own unique Lego designs! These building kits are uniquely formulated and offer endless possibilities to build all kinds of models. From vehicles such as heavy machinery and trains to buildings or even a tree house. What makes it even more fun is that you have the freedom to add and customise your own creativity, making each structure a unique work of art. Moreover, you can always count on a unique MOC brick set, as it is not a standard LEGO but a self-assembled package. Whether you are an experienced LEGO builder or just looking for a fun and creative activity to do alone or with friends or family, MOC building kits are a great choice to spend your free time in an entertaining and challenging way!

TBL MOC building kits for the experienced builder

As an experienced LEGO builder, you are always looking for new challenges to test your skills and creativity and create even bigger and more beautiful structures. Fortunately, TBL's MOC building kits offer a great solution to push your limits and create your own unique LEGO look-a-like designs. Whether you're looking for a MOC building set of a crane, aircraft carrier or one of our supercars, there are countless options available for the experienced builder at Toy Brick Lighting. With these sets, you have the freedom to add and customise your own creativity, further developing your skills and achieving impressive results. Want to build a challenging vehicle or assemble a complex building? With a MOC building kit, you are guaranteed hours of building fun. Would you like to show off your building to full effect? Then choose one of our lighting sets and your LEGO creation will come to life.

MOC building kits: need inspiration?

Need inspiration for your next MOC construction kit? Don't worry, there are countless ways to get ideas. For example, take a look among our reviews of customers who have gone before you. This can give you inspiration for new designs and ideas for your own builds. Last but not least, don't be afraid to use your own creativity and experiment with different colours, shapes and sizes of Lego bricks. There are no limits to what you can create with ToyBrickLighting's MOC building kits, so let your imagination run wild and build something unique and beautiful that you can be proud of!

Bring your MOC construction kit to life

If you want your MOC kit to really come alive, consider adding technically powered accessories from TBL to your build. There are several options available, such as a V8 or V16 engine. There are also baseplates to build on, which give your build a realistic touch and impressive look, as well as providing a sturdy building platform. For example, a V8 engine can be added to a sports car you have built, making the car not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Ground plates are again very useful if you want to make a larger building or combine several MOC building kits. This gives you more space to build and allows you to expand and improve your designs. Are you a fan of technical gadgets or just want to experiment with different LEGO-like accessories, tech-powered accessories will take your MOC building kits to the next level!

Why should I buy my MOC building kit from Toy Brick Lighting?

If you are looking for a reliable point of sale of MOC kits, ToyBrickLighting is an excellent choice! There are several reasons why you should order your MOC construction kit from ToyBrickLighting. Firstly, ToyBrickLighting offers an extensive range of high-quality MOC construction kits, which come with all the necessary parts. And of course, should a part be unexpectedly missing, we will send it to you as soon as possible. In addition, we also offer a wide range of technically powered accessories such as LED lights, motors, and battery boxes to make your MOC construction kit even more impressive. Moreover, ToyBrickLighting ensures fast and reliable delivery, so you can receive your MOC building kit quickly and start building right away. Our excellent customer service is always ready to help with any questions or problems. Moreover, we sell worldwide, so you can order from Canada, the Netherlands or Australia, we will send your new construction kit to you for free! In short, ToyBrickLighting is the best choice for any LEGO enthusiast looking for high-quality MOC building kits and accessories.