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Toy Brick Lighting
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Toy Brick Lighting
Toy Brick Lighting
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Toy Brick Lighting
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Toy Brick Lighting
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Installing lights on your Lego structures creates a whole new experience. The lights reveal every detail and give it the attention it deserves. At Toy Brick Lighting, we have lights in complete kits for all kinds of Lego and different models. For example, think Lego lighting kits with Lego lights for Lego cars, from Lamborghini Sián to Land Rover Defender. Of course, it's also perfect for your MOC sets. At TBL, you are sure to find the right lighting kit to make your Lego building set come to life!

How can I install Lego lighting?

You basically don't need any electrical engineering experience to install our Lego lighting. With our product manual, it is quite easy to do it yourself. And should you still not quite get the hang of our full, step-by-step installation instructions, our support team is here to help you. This way, Lego lighting self-assembly is easy for anyone to do.

Lego LED lights from TBL for various Lego models

As an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego), you undoubtedly already have the necessary Lego sets at home. Of course, it's great that you can buy lighting not only for your Lego MOC sets, but also for your existing Lego models.

From Lego Creator Expert lights to Lego Star Wars lights, at Toy Brick Lighting we have lights for all kinds of Lego models from various series. With Lego LED lighting from TBL, you can light up your Lego collection in a unique way and bring it even more to life!

Why install Lego lighting?

The attention to detail on cars, trucks and other machines from Lego Technic sets, for example, is absolutely incredible. The various moving parts are already fantastic, of course, but with our Lego lights, the beautiful details come to life. After hours of building fun, the addition of LED lights is the icing on the cake!

Controlling Lego lighting from a distance

At Toy Brick Lighting, we have Lego lights that you can use to make your Lego sets even more fun. Besides lighting, with or without remote control, we have many more Lego accessories. Think of base plates to attach your structures to, as well as motors to add movement to your creations. Some, like the lights, can easily be operated from a distance with a remote control. At TBL, you'll find everything you need to make your Lego sets even more beautiful and impressive.