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Toy Brick Lighting
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Toy Brick Lighting
Toy Brick Lighting
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Toy Brick Lighting
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Toy Brick Lighting
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Toy Brick Lighting
Toy Brick Lighting
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With the Lego MOC from Toy Brick Lighting (TBL), you get unique sets to build with. These building sets are suitable for anyone looking for more than just ordinary Lego and technical Lego, as they provide the ultimate challenge, these are sets you can spend weeks with. Several brick sets are complete with spinning motors that in some cases are also remote-controlled. It is even possible to really put out fires with water when you choose our fire engine. With our MOC sets, you have more than just simple building sets. You can unleash your creativity and imagination and create your own masterpieces that will take your entire building experience and skills to an even higher level!

What is Lego MOC?

MOC stands for 'My Own Creation' and Lego MOC refers to constructions designed not by Lego itself, but by Adult Fans Of Lego, or AFOLs. The builds are original creations that are more complex and detailed than official Lego sets. Our modular building sets require some creative ability, but above all a lot of building skills.

Hours of building fun with unique MOC sets

For anyone who loves building, from junior to senior, TBL's Lego MOC sets are fantastic. Building with our building blocks is a lot more challenging than with standard technical Lego. For example, you can complete a structure with Lego lights. Our Lego lights will bring your Lego MOC to life. Still not convinced? Then put the remote control of your television away and shove the newspaper aside, we are actually sure you will enjoy hours of building fun!

Where can I find Lego building instructions for MOCs?

All our sets come complete with building instructions. These Lego MOC building instructions come in clear booklets or are sent to your e-mail as pdf files. So you always have a handy step-by-step plan at hand.

Everything from crane to Mercedes truck

Are you a real marine or would you rather go into the army? At Toy Brick Lighting you'll find all kinds of Lego MOC sets, we have a variety of heavy machinery. From Mercedes truck that is even cooler than the one from Lego Technic, to crane that is almost as big as yourself. It is also possible to add your own (extra) engines to your build, as replacements or additions. Among our accessories, you will find different types, with and without remote control. Building with TBL definitely gives you more challenge.

Can I combine the TBL building blocks with the original Lego bricks?

At Toy Brick Lighting, you will not find any original Lego models or building bricks. However, the TBL MOCs are 100% compatible with Lego. You will find information about this in our detailed product descriptions. Otherwise, it is also always possible to contact us. We will be happy to help you, whether via e-mail, Facebook or Whatsapp.


Buy Lego MOC online at Toy Brick Lighting

If you always passionately played with Lego as a child, you will now have even more fun building with the Lego MOC sets from Toy Brick Lighting. The unique Lego MOC sets are put together by true Lego fanatics. It is also because of this that we can guarantee that building with TBL MOCs is not inferior to the quality and standard maintained by original Lego. You even get more, with us you get quality as well as originality! The sets are carefully put together by our own team of AFOLs and have a limited edition. Extremely unique!