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Beautifull building, but missing a part

It is really a beautiful building model. I am halfway but now missing a part. As building the crane upper at drawing 158 I need 2 chainwheels. There is only one in the box. Is it possible to send me the second one?

V2 Liebherr LTM 11200 Mammoet Edition Remote Controlled Mobile Crane MOC Brick Set

Goed ontvangen maar er zijn twee luchtdruk piston(blauw) afwezig graag krijg ik nog die twee stukjes

Mooie truck goeie yitleg

Fire in the hole

Great build, Lego quality, if not better!

Fine engine brick set

Very fast shipping in a very good packaging. It looks all very good but I had no time yet to assemble this brick set.
I am sure to do it again wiht an other brick set from your store.
Many thanks and best regards.
Peter Bissig

Nice, did not build the light in yet.


Schnelle Lieferung- immer wieder gerne

Unique Classic Car Brick Set
Guido van Ghelder

Unique Classic Car Brick Set

Mooie kraan

Nu nog bezig door paar missende onderdelen, maar erg mooi groot bouwpaket


Very good details niet to build

Be Happy my English is not good

très content

article vite arrivé et parfaitement d écris

Jib Arm Extension

The only thing that can be said about the Liebherr LTM 1750 Mammoet Jib Arm Extension is . . .
The perfect finishing touch to an awesome build.
The pictures speaks for themselves.

Thank you Toy Brick Lighting

Dean Knigh

JIB Arm Extension for LIEBHERR LTM 1750 Crane MOC Brick Set

My TBL truck fully meets expectations

Really like the truck, came with clear instructions and all components - good service, good quality, all as promised - thx a lot !!!

Mercedes Actros with trailer

A set unlike any other. Jaap (Technics) as MOC designer... Hugely rich in detail, built with one goal: to imitate the original so truthfully and that has certainly succeeded! Good quality without a doubt, clear (separately purchased instructions and specifically designed sticker set). Very special should be that the trailer with its multi wheels should follow the tractor flawless... And just that specific part to steer this movement is no longer available on the market and replaced in the set by an unusable part. Toybrick you have to take a closer look at this! ('LEGO part 8878) The set was not in stock but again everything was delivered neatly! Thanks Toybrick!

Feedback on the JIB extension for LIEBHERR LTM 1750 and general feedback

Thank you very much Toybrick! Dear people, are you looking for challenging MOC building kits? Excellent service? A company that effectively does what it says? (Honest communication, quick turnaround, every question answered...?) Then don't hesitate and choose Toybrick! Cheaper elsewhere on the Internet...? My advice don't...
The JIB is powerful to build. And indeed it is for 'the advanced'... The drawings are sufficiently clear but in exceptional cases you have to interpret. You will love it, if not you should stick to the classic LEGO building kits. The quality is good without a doubt. Although you need to have 'strong' fingers (or tools), because the parts are put together more tightly than the original. Thanks in short and awaiting the delivery of my next order, the Mercedes Actros with trailer.

Very satisfied Aboutaleb the result.

Ziet er goed uit, goede kwaliteit, Toy Brick Lighting.
het eindresultaat is fantastisch!

LED Light Kit for LEGO® Technic Lamborghini Sián (42115)

Mooie metamorfose

Het is mooi om te zien hoe de volvo er in het donker uitziet

JIB Arm Extension for LIEBHERR LTM 1750 Crane MOC Brick Set

messieurs, je suis seulement au montage de la grue liebherr ltm 1750-9;1
le camion pompier sera monter à la fin de l'année
j'ai eu livraison de pièces manquantes via Monsieur VANDEBEEK de Bilzen
j'aimerai avoir son adresse mail pour commander des pièces encore manquantes pour la grue , merci de votre reponse à cette demande
PIRLET Jacques